An internal communication and business process management platform

Using new-generation digital applications, we enhance your business and communication processes, enabling you to increase employee loyalty and productivity.


Our mission at Weoll, is to help you understand your business processes and communication needs.

We offer a variety of digital solutions in order to meet your specific needs.

Enhance employee productivity, motivation and retention order to reduce employee turnover.


Build an end-to-end network on a single platform with the Google Cloud experience.


Make your institution independent of time, place or device.


Design smarter, more efficient and agile business processes with easily customizable ready-made applications.


All your needs are met under one roof

We offer ready-to-use business processes, process wizards and communication tools that can easily be customized to transform slow and repetitive processes into fast and efficient ones without requiring any knowledge of coding.

No-Code Platform

We simplify complex and conditional workflows that require expertise and software knowledge.

Drag & Drop

We simplify complex and conditional workflows that require expertise and software knowledge.

Ready to Use

We enable you to configure your processes with customizable ready-made templates, easy analysis of data, and reporting tools.

Step-by-Step Business Process Wizard

We offer agile solutions to meet your changing needs with our user-friendly interfaces and process wizards.

Weoll - It's time to grow!

Manageable Services

We serve as an internal business partner whom you can consult about your processes and establish integrity within your organization. We help you achieve scalable and long-term profits by saving on expert human resources and licensing costs.

It's all software

Weoll does not require any hardware or maintenance due to its cloud-based technology and offers a 24-hour uptime guarantee.

Enterprise Personalization

You can organize Weoll tools in accordance with your corporate identities, such as your menu, color palette, page titles, icons, and logos.

Rapid Integration (SaaS)

You can access your workflows anytime, from anywhere with Weoll's easy installation and fast integration with all your tools.

Optional Authorization

Weoll makes it easy for your employees to access documents they have the authorization to access in a shared cloud.


Value-Added Applications

We are opening up a space for flexible, transformable, adaptable, constantly renewing collaboration that focuses on new-generation technologies and cloud-based process development. Our user-friendly, ready-to-use apps, designed based on our digital experience, enable us to help corporates complete their digital transformation processes successfully and move into the future.


Form Builder Tool


More than 30.000 end users have benefited from Weoll's next-generation internal communication and advanced business process management solutions.

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With Weoll, communication between departments has been increased, and product tracking has been accelerated. The discard rate, 3.39% in 2020, decreased to 2.14% in 2021.


Building a corporate portal that could support employee development and provide enhanced oversight was a key factor in reducing employee turnover.