How does technology affect recruitment?


The labor market is becoming more competitive, so companies must offer better candidates’ experiences. Technology is also becoming more prevalent in recruiting processes as they reflect corporate cultures.

In recent years, the business world has faced many challenges. Labor market competition is one of these challenges. HR professionals are becoming increasingly concerned about finding and retaining the right talent as the “Great Resignation”

Wave is being replaced by the Great Layoff.

To successfully complete this process, which is called talent acquisition. It is imperative to emphasize the recruitment experience, which is the first contact a candidate has with the company culture. It is especially large companies that are using technology to speed up these processes and provide a better candidate experience.

Weoll, a company that develops communication and process management platforms, introduces you to the technologies commonly used in recruitment. Following this section, we will discuss how technology plays a role in retaining employees.

The most common recruitment technologies

PwC found that half of the employees (49%) would decline a job offer if they had a bad hiring experience. The use of technology by HR departments is increasing as all processes are now handled remotely. And digital transformation is becoming more prevalent.

Virtual interviews

Most candidates, especially in their first interview, find it challenging to travel miles for an interview whose outcome is unknown. It has been reported that video interviews are six times more efficient than face to face interviews. Companies also benefit from video conferencing applications. 81% of recruiters expect online job interviews to last.

Artificial intelligence for resume scanning

It is known that a corporate job posting receives more than 250 applications and as many resumes. It takes only four hours to scan a resume, even if a quick scan takes less than a minute.

AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies allow CV scanning software to scan.

Incoming applications based on factors such as education, work experience, skills, and personality traits. This software automates most routine tasks.

Monitoring systems

Using an application tracking system, you can automate the process and make it more efficient. Most application tracking systems are cloud-based, removing maintenance costs and high license fees. An automated application tracking system increases hiring quality, speed, and productivity.

Recruitment is complete! Next steps?

We have discussed the employee candidate experience so far. It is important to note that the more important part of the job begins after the hiring process is complete.

To improve employee experience and maintain employee loyalty and motivation, technology plays an important role in processes such as internal communication.

And process management, and corporate resource management.

Weoll has developed technology solutions that help businesses build a strong organizational culture while preparing them for the future. Using technology solutions, businesses are able to communicate more effectively in the workplace and manage business processes on a single platform.

Which increases positive communication. Corporate culture plays a crucial role in a company’s success, as does the contribution of connected employees. That is why Weoll develops cloud-based platforms that enhance employee experience and internal communication.

● Weoll’s Human Resources Process Solutions allow teams in the field, in production, in the office. And working remotely to collaborate and communicate together.

● Weol is committed to developing a culture of collaboration.

● Making e-learning tools available within the company, and making all information and data about the company culture easily accessible. Employees have access to all their information on this platform, including fringe benefits, organizational charts, leave, advance, and payroll. Weoll’s smart technologies enable companies to create a culture of collaboration that transcends space and devices.

● Weoll’s Internal Communication Processes synchronized internal and external communication removed email communication. And created a digital space for employees to communicate freely. Using privatize corporate portals, Weoll keeps all employees up-to-date on company developments. When employees feel part of a community united around shared values and a hopeful purpose, they can contribute meaningfully to companies.

● Information Management Processes provide employees with access to corporate documents from a common area depending on their levels. Using Weoll’s platform, documents produced on the platform and their versions are transmitted as ‘reading tasks’ to relevant groups. A centralized database can help prevent information asymmetries, don’t understand, and incomplete work.

● Weoll’s Enterprise Resource Management solution ensures the efficient management of common resources such as meeting rooms and company vehicles.

● By digitizing raw material management, purchasing processes, logistics processes, digital documents, and failure notifications. Weoll provides search and reservation opportunities for company resources.

As part of the mission to provide continuous internal communication. Weoll has developed based on technology solutions that can work in collaboration.

With Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). Its solutions are also easily adaptable to institutions.

Than operating in the retail, manufacturing, and digital sectors by using exemplary models and proven methods. A cloud platform with a flexible infrastructure is a powerful tool for scaling for the group companies.

You can visit this link to discover what Weoll can do for your company.


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