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The right talent is critical for today’s competitive advantage, and a qualified workforce is more critical than ever. Companies are now placing a greater emphasis on corporate culture. In this article, we explore this concept in great depth, as Weoll. 

What does corporate culture mean?

Corporate culture, also called organizational culture or company culture, is a set of values and principles that identify an organization.

In the eyes of both its employees and external stakeholders. Corporate culture is influenced by many factors, including employee profiles, communication between employees, business processes.

Company visions, and missions, how employees adopt company values, managers employee communication, problem-solving practices, and rewards and penalties.

Why is corporate culture so important?

Corporate culture defines a company’s values, practices, principles, and workflow standards, thereby defining its identity. Several factors contribute to this identity framework, such as employee productivity, company perception, and brand reputation. According to Peter Drucker, one of the leading business and marketing gurus;

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” implying that company strategy, growth plans, and product or service quality are irrelevant without a strong corporate culture. In other words, a company’s strategy and culture must work together to accomplish its goals.

A positive corporate culture improves employee retention and reduces turnover

It is an investment process for employers to recruit employees. Turnover of employees, which refers to dismissals within a short period of time, signifies a loss of investment. The time and effort spent on recruiting and training are wasted when the employee leaves the company and needs to be rehired.

The key to preventing this is to increase employee engagement. A positive corporate culture reduces employee turnover and allows employees to concentrate on their jobs. In the other words, corporate culture is built on strong employee experience. Throughout the development process, Weoll emphasizes employee experience and enhances it.

Improves efficiency and productivity

A study conducted by the University of Warwick found that happy employees perform 12% better at work. According to the report, 94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of job candidates consider a healthy work culture to be crucial to success.

Study shows having a strong corporate culture at all levels of an organization increases employee loyalty and happiness. Which leads to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

As a result of all of these factors, a strong corporate culture positively impacts profit, growth rate, and brand reputation. Another fact is that unhappy employees cost companies more money. According to US economists, unsatisfied and low-commitment workers cost the economy about 450-500 billion dollars annually.

Improve the accuracy of corporate decisions

According to the wisdom of the crowd theory, first described by Aristotle, large crowds are collectively smarter than individuals. It is believed that large groups are more accurate and effective at solving problems, making decisions, and innovating than individuals.

Put a jar filled with hundreds of candies in front of a group of 50 people and ask them to guess how many are in it. In general, there will be a wide range of differences between individual estimates and the true number.

However, the average of all estimates will be relatively close with very small margins of error. This is why companies with a strong corporate culture value polyphony and involve their employees in decision making. This allows companies to make better decisions and increase their chances of success.

Enhance the efficiency of recruitment

People who are satisfied with their work environment become brand ambassadors for their own companies. Especially young careerists are attracted to this. In the LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2022 report, 2 out of 5 respondents say their colleagues and company culture play a significant role in their job search.

Young careerists take into account a number of factors when choosing a company to begin their careers, including career development opportunities, flexible working conditions.

The importance of well-being and welfare, diversity, and inclusion, all of which are essential to a strong corporate culture.

How does technology contribute to a strong corporate culture?

In today’s world, technology is actively used in defining human resources (HR) and corporate cultures. Digital solutions developed for internal communication, information management, and organizational resource management allow HR teams to easily access information and manage documents. Through digital solutions, you can conduct surveys, collect anonymous feedback, support in-house, and design events and employee experiences. To create a strong corporate culture, Weoll has developed platforms with technology that can be customized for your company.

One platform gathers all your company’s information

Weoll’s HR Process Solutions, provide employees with access to all their questions and needs. Whether they are in the field, in production, in the office, or remotely. Weoll’s solutions help create a common corporate culture through a platform that is independent of place and device. In addition to enhancing performance management efficiency, Weoll’s platform creates a channel for instant communication between managers and employees wherever the internet is available.

Employees can access company information, view the organizational chart, and fringe benefits, and check their leave, advances, and payroll on one platform. In addition, Weoll also offers quick feedback mechanisms through the platform, which is developed with creative feedback processes. Such as surveys, daily mode, and “I have an idea” sections.

Technology facilitates cultural and social celebrations

Companies seeking to simplify internal communication can take advantage of Weoll’s Internal Communication Process Solutions. A Weoll solution allows companies to manage social processes such as blogs and internal social media, birthday celebrations, seniority achievements, and recruitment announcements. By offering feedback processes such as surveys and “I Have an Idea” sections, Weoll makes internal communication dynamic.

Easily create tools and documents that meet your needs.

Weoll offers a variety of solutions for information management, human resources, and internal communication. Furthermore, no-code platforms can be customized using special design tools according to company needs. Weoll provides high-tech solutions customized for various sectors, such as retail, production, and holding companies.

A strong company culture and employee engagement are the objectives of Weoll’s digital solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to understand your business, listen to your needs, and offer solutions that can be applied to your situation. 


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