How does technology influence employee retention and experience?

Teknoloji, çalışan deneyimini ve sadakatini nasıl dönüştürüyor?

Human resources professionals are currently focused on the employee experience, which describes how an employee interacts with his employer. Technology can help companies provide a high-quality employee experience that impacts their growth, turnover, and market share positively.

Experience has become a keyword in business in recent years. Among these concepts, one has emerged at work. Employee experience (EX) has created a trend where employees care more about their experiences than their salaries. For this reason, talent acquisition experts are focusing on this concept, which influences the preferences of qualified candidates and determines their decisions.

Firstly, we will address the question “What is employee experience?”.  We will focus on the highlights of the employee experience for 2022, updated every year based on trends. Then, we will discuss how technology can help businesses create unique employee experiences, and how Weoll’s high-tech solutions will simplify their work.

What is employee experience?

An employee’s experience includes everything they learn, experience, see, and feel from the moment they see a job posting to the day they leave the company.

According to Jacob Morgan’s book The Employee Experience Advantage, employee experience offers companies the following benefits:

“Bonuses don’t really motivate workers. Once they reach a certain baseline salary, money is no longer the main driver. They need something more.” — Jacob Morgan, The Employee Experience Advantage

Employees are more than just motivated by financial interests. Employee engagement is no longer just about financial interests. In this sense, employee engagement is becoming an excellent design of employee experience, from hiring to leaving and even afterward.

Stages of the employee’s experience

There are five phases in the employee lifecycle. At each stage of the employee experience design process, companies should consider various factors.

  • Recruitment: The length of the recruitment process, the cost of hiring, the rate of acceptance of offers, and the equipment the hired people will use must all be considered when designing this process. In order to identify the missing points in the candidate employee experience, companies need to evaluate the number and quality of applications they receive. Further, they should determine how long the interview process took, how long it took to accept an offer, and how many positive offers they received.
  • Onboarding: Adapting to a brand-new structure takes time, no matter how much experience people have. A good orientation process should be designed at this point, and the hired person’s responsibilities should be identified and appropriately transferred. Getting up to speed and adapting takes some time for newcomers. Weoll has developed a platform that accelerates the initial participation process and allows you to access all your company’s corporate documents online. In addition, Weoll’s Internal Communication Process solution includes a module for welcoming new employees.
  • Development: A company’s ability to grow sustainably and profitably depends on its ability to develop its competencies. A well-designed performance management and promotion process should provide training budgets, measure self-development and promotion goals, monitor productivity and team harmony, and give employees the opportunity to work in different positions throughout their tenure.                                         
  • Employee retention: When it comes to retaining talent, those who are interested in investing in their careers are more likely to seek out better opportunities regardless of how loyal they may be. At this stage, losing an employee would be considered a financial loss. As a result of losing the trained workforce, every stage of the recruitment process will need to be re-established. It is important for companies to continually improve the employee experience they provide, keeping in mind that even the most engaged employees may leave.
  • Quit: We should not forget that employees who leave their jobs will still be part of the organization even after they retire, move on to a new job, or change career paths. A brand’s reputation can be damaged if employee turnover is not managed properly. Understanding the motivation behind these decisions is essential to improving the employee experience. Are wages insufficient? Is there a problem with managerial relations? Is the work environment oppressive and stressful? All of these questions can be answered if employees are persuaded to be honest. As an integral part of the company culture, Weoll’s Internal Communication Processes platform facilitates the collection of feedback before it reaches this point.

The employee experience in 2022

The concept of experience in understanding employees changes with society, economies, cultures, and workforce generations. Due to a global epidemic, all business processes have been digitized, and remote working has become a norm. Additionally, the Z generation is becoming more involved in the workforce. The experience design process must therefore keep employee expectations in mind as trends change each year.

There is an employee survey that is carried out on a regular basis in 27 countries by approximately 14 thousand full-time employees. In this respect, this is a qualified reference for understanding the employee experience. Based on the report:

  • 66 % of employees associate experience with commitment.
  • It is a priority for 72% of companies to ensure employees’ well-being.
  • 67 % of employees are satisfied with how their manager influences them and how they feel about the company’s management.
  • 7 out of 10 employees value growth and development, while 66% value corporate social responsibility.

What is the impact of technology on the employee experience?

According to PwC research, 8 out of 10 Turkish human resources managers are concerned about improving employee experience through digital/technological tools. Employee experience is also a major focus of the report. 68% of human resources managers and human capital leaders plan to invest heavily in digital transformation, according to a PwC global survey. Every process we discuss in the section about stages of employee experience has been made easier with technology. These are a few articles that show how it’s done:

  • The use of technology makes remote work easier. In order to work remotely, companies need collaboration-enabling business applications. Through modern technology, employees can collaborate on the same document, share data on a common table, and keep track of their workflows.
  • In today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever to get feedback. A common platform for internal communication and human resources allows companies to gain insight into the thoughts of their employees through instant surveys and feedback forms. Weoll’s platform, which is developed to enhance employee experiences and incorporate high-tech possibilities, shortens this process significantly using tools such as the survey, the “I think/I have an idea” feature, and feedback on the platform.
  • An integrated platform collects all the company’s information. In order to speed up onboarding, Weoll’s information management platform allows anyone to access company documents, organizational charts, and employee benefits at any time.
  • It is possible to track complex procedures with the help of technology. Employees often struggle with understanding embezzlement, leave, advances, and payroll details. Weoll integrates complex HR processes into our Human Resources Processes Solution in order to help employees work more efficiently.
  • We can stay on top of changes more quickly with the help of technology. Using a no-code approach, companies can design forms, pages, processes, and announcements as their processes change. Weoll offers high-technology solutions to improve internal communication and processes, along with editors and wizards that enable form customization and survey creation using drag-and-drop tools.

Technology can be used to promote entrepreneurship and polyphony. Providing regular feedback, as well as expressing their thoughts and ideas without hesitation, is conducive to intrapreneurship. The idea behind Weoll’s “I Think / I Have an Idea” modules is to ensure employees have a voice in company management and workflow. Because Weoll platform knows that this will increase their loyalty and enable them to perform better.

Retail, production, and digital companies can benefit from Weolls’ platforms, which are complemented by model solutions developed for group companies, giving companies of all sizes a single platform to manage human resources, internal communications, information, and corporate resources. Integrating with global business software, such as Google Workspace or Office 365, enables us to create employee success stories.

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