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In a digital transformation, we give corporations the freedom to choose which restructuring processes they want to use; we adapt to the unique ways they do business and increase their efficiency in corporate communications and processes.

End-to-End Communication

We enable you to communicate directly and bi-directionally with your employees at all levels of your organization, within the framework of your hierarchy.

Simple and Quick Integratio
Weoll's No-Code architecture makes it easy to install, integrate into your organization's infrastructure, and customize it according to your needs. It can be installed in minutes, and its SaaS (software as a service) feature makes it easy to customize. Moreover, Weoll is able to communicate with many different tools, such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, and SAP, and provides easy integration by covering all of them on the same platform.
Simple and Quick Integratio
Ready-to-Use Flexible Structure
Weoll's ready-to-use structure allows you to take it live on the same day. Designed with a flexible structure, Weoll lets you discover the needs of your organization during use, and instantly adapts to those needs through ready-made templates with Drag and Drop modules. You can implement new processes without the need for development by using the business process wizards available on the platform.
Ready-to-Use Flexible Structure
Cost-Saving Product
On a single platform, you can access all your corporate applications. It reduces licensing costs for different human resources and applications for different specializations. In the long run, all these possibilities turn into profit depending on your corporate's size.
Cost-Saving Product
Ready-to-Use Business Procesess
Weoll provides all the business processes you need for your corporation in a ready-to-use format, such as advance and permission requests, embezzlement and purchasing processes, announcement management, employee guides, resource reservations, recruitment, orientation, document and approval workflows, and organizational charts.
Ready-to-Use Business Procesess

Anything is Possible With Weoll!

Input Types for Advanced Forms

You can design forms with a variety of input types, such as text, number, date, checkbox, radio, and file.

Hide - Conditional Show

You can automate the opening and closing of form components according to the scenario you wish to use.

Advance Verification

Verification options allow you to obtain the right information in the right format with conditional padding, masking, etc.

External Links

This allows you to import and use data from external sources.

Themeing Options

This features heading positioning, tooltips,custom HTML, suffix, prefix, and custom CSS, ensuring it matches your corporate identity.

Automatic User Information

It allows the basic information, such as title, department, and telephone number of those who fill out the automatic form, to be automatically displayed.

Future Value Calculation

Through the ability to communicate among form components, you can create advanced formulas.

Flexible Scripting

Our drag-and-drop designer tool makes it easy for you to create any process scenario.

Smart Steps

Depending on how the form message is filled out, you can conditionally progress your process.

Simple Mailing

It is easy to design an e-mail template; you can easily send e-mails to individuals and groups using form message data.

Unlimited Confirmation Step

If you wish, you can submit your form messages in any number of steps to any individual or group.

Workspace Integration

In any template, you can download the form data and print it to a Google Spreadsheet or Google Doc.

External Integration

Through microservices, you can integrate form messages into your system.

Directory of Employees

Your dynamic employee directory can be created by connecting your user information to your databases.


You can share videos and photos in any size you want, interact with others with comment/like features, and share content with anyone you want using the social media area specific to your corporate.

Organizational Chart

It allows you to dynamically draw the hierarchical and organizational structure of your company based on the information in your user directory, and it keeps that structure up-to-date automatically.


You can create a private gallery for your company using your corporate photos and videos, regardless of size and format restrictions.

Customizable Corporate Pages

You can create custom corporate pages with rich editing options and the ability to add videos, images, and text, you can create custom corporate pages.

Data Analysis Pages

You can filter, analyze, and report on the results using data collected from forms and processes within the page.

Advanced Corporate Page Builder

You can design complex pages with HTML coding.

Integrations Pages

This allows the import of data from external sources as well as the use of iframe, embed, and javascript technologies on the page.