Effective internal communication and corporate culture

As companies realize that a strong corporate culture is an essential component of long-term success, technology, and innovative tools are transforming internal communication.

Each company and work environment has its own energy and feel. Corporate culture or organizational culture refers to how employees are treated, how they perform their duties, and what is important to a company. An organization’s culture has the greatest impact on its success or failure from this perspective.

Diversity in the workplace culture and the working environment is essential to companies’ growth and profitability. Companies that make their employees happier and more productive are more profitable, and they also promote innovation.

Corporate culture can only be created through internal communication, properly designed and managed with innovative tools. In its digital transformation and restructuring processes, Weoll provides a platform for discovering all communication and process management requirements. Through internal communication process solutions, companies are able to provide corporate portals that are responsive to their fast and dynamic communication cycles.

Here are some ways companies can improve internal communication:

1. Establish direct communication between leaders and employees

Teams, departments, employees, and managers can be connected in a way that eliminates hierarchy barriers in communication processes and is preferred by employees. Employees develop a stronger sense of community when companies allow them to speak freely and establish meaningful connections.

2. Making internal resources and activities more accessible to employees

According to the American Psychological Association, employees are more likely to recommend companies that support wellness-focused initiatives as positive workplaces. A new employee’s orientation should ensure that the entire team gets to know them. In addition, it’s appropriate to arrange small events to celebrate employees’ birthdays and to make it a tradition to spend time together as a team or as a community when they reach seniority. This contributes to the creation of a warm and productive workplace. For everyone to be aware of organization-wide announcements, it is important to do so at a single point. In this way, the organization can access its internal resources.

3. Collect regular feedback from employees to track their progress

If a suitable communication ground is created, feedback can be made part of the company culture. It is 4 or 6 times more likely that an employee will be motivated and produce their best work when they feel heard and listened to. It is imperative to create an environment that promotes open discussion of creative ideas in order to encourage innovation and free thinking. Weoll’s Internal Communication Processes Management application enables a faster exchange of feedback through technology.

4. Integrate all internal communication activities on a single platform

Scalable solutions are necessary to support the rapid growth of companies. One of these measures is the selection of a single communication platform to ensure consistency in communication processes and the creation of an archive containing all information regarding the company’s culture.

Using innovative technology platforms, companies can improve their corporate culture through improved internal communication processes. Weoll’s innovative Internal Communication Processes enable companies to establish direct and two-way communication with their employees across all levels.

Weoll offers companies the opportunity to easily distribute promotional documents within the organization. Moreover, as part of our Internal Communication Processes, Weoll synchronizes internal and external communication and organizes the company portal so that it reflects the corporate brand. As part of the Weoll Internal Communication Processes, it provides the opportunity to communicate with stakeholders outside the workplace, distribute bulletins to the press, and conduct interviews with executives simultaneously.

Weoll feels responsible for introducing new employees to the company within the organization, celebrating their seniority achievements and birthdays as part of a common celebration, and providing video and photo galleries that will make them feel privileged to be a part of the company.

In addition to providing common information resources, like announcement management, sliders, food menus, ready-made survey formats, and feedback tools, Weoll provides an environment where employees can express themselves freely.

It is becoming increasingly common to use remote working models and hybrid work models, which makes internal communication processes more important. As a result, communication and collaboration platforms enable employees and management to exchange ideas, provide feedback, set goals, and create a culture of celebration to facilitate internal communication. 

Weoll makes it possible to bring the concept of community to the attention of its employees, to fulfill the company’s commitments in terms of equality, diversity, and inclusion, and to achieve success with its subordinates.

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