Role of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Practices in Business Life

Before explaining how artificial intelligence practices are getting a more and more major role in business life, let’s define the artificial intelligence, also known as business intelligence, in the context of the business life.  Artificial intelligence is defined as the practices incorporating software and algorithms that  allow the performance of tasks which waste time when […]

Transformation of the Company Culture with Digital Business Management Platforms

Transformation of the Company Culture with Digital Business Management Platforms

We witness a widespread concern regarding the potential harm of the digitalization and increased use of artificial intelligence-based applications on company culture.  However, it is observed that the digitalization and use of artificial intelligence do not necessarily harm the company culture and employees, but rather result in an increased motivation and commitment to the culture, […]


Digitalization in Business Safety and Privacy

Digitalization is rapidly transforming the corporate world. Automated processes, deployment of cutting-edge technological tools, and adoption of online platforms allow companies to improve their efficiencies, reduce costs, and reach new markets. Also, thanks to digitalization, today’s companies are able to collect real-time data and analyse them. This enables them to adapt themselves to changes in the market by […]


Enhance Workforce Productivity with Big Data

Big Data refers to a large and complex set of data generated by enterprises in various sectors including healthcare, finance and retail. This set of data might provide valuable information and insights that can be used to improve business operations and decision-making processes. Businesses that benefit from Big Data analytics can have the upper hand in […]


How do SaaS Platforms Contribute to Business Success?

If you are a manager in a company, you probably know how important it is to access the right tools and services that will contribute to your company’s success.  And that is exactly where Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms come into play. SaaS platforms offer a number of subscription-based tools and services to enable […]


Organizational Transformation: Lessons for Leaders

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, companies need to be able to quickly adapt to changes. Digital transformation of companies is an essential part of this adaptation process. Organizational transformation refers to the process that a company initiates to change its way of doing business considerably in order to improve its efficiency, competitive power as […]


Building A Strong Corporate Culture

By Embracing The Latest Technologies The right talent is critical for today’s competitive advantage, and a qualified workforce is more critical than ever. Companies are now placing a greater emphasis on corporate culture. In this article, we explore this concept in great depth, as Weoll.  What does corporate culture mean? Corporate culture, also called organizational […]


How does technology influence employee retention?

Human resources professionals are currently focused on the employee experience, which describes how an employee interacts with his employer. Technology can help companies provide a high-quality employee experience that impacts their growth, turnover, and market share positively. Experience has become a keyword in business in recent years. Among these concepts, one has emerged at work. […]