Five things Generation Z Expects From The Employers

The demographics of the workforce are changing every year, and Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012 is taking the lead in a wide range of fields. In order to influence these younger generations, what should companies do? In this blog, we will examine the characteristics of Generation Z and their expectations of their employers.

People born in 2000 are now gaining work experience through internships or entering graduate programs after completing a four-year undergraduate education. The demographics of the workplace are changing every day, and Generation Z is getting more involved. It is important for employers to prioritize fun activities and do periodic activities in order to please the younger generations, especially Generation Z. In comparison with other generations, this group stands out with its own characteristics.

In this blog troy to identify the general characteristics of the Z generation

And then focus on young people who stand out with these characteristics in terms of their employment expectations.

Generation Z: Who Are They?

The Generation Z was born into a digital world, is sensitive to social issues, follows the path of the mind, and possesses more developed skills than previous generations. Here are the differences revealed by Pew Research Center:

Diversity İs İmportant to Generation Z

For the Z generation, who grew up with the internet and are able to communicate uninterrupted across communities, diversity is a very significant issue. As compared to previous generations, this generation accepts different races, languages, religions, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. On a theoretical level, this opens the door for discussion about taboo topics. These differences are often overcome and embraced by the older generation.

They are the world’s first digital natives!

McKinsey used the concept of digital natives for the first time when analyzing the general characteristics of the Z generation. Unlike Generation Y, who became aware of technology as they grew up. Generation Z was born into a world of screens, touch interfaces, and mobile platforms for entertainment and learning. It is therefore natural and instinctive for the Z generation to use new technologies in everything they do.

Pragmatists and finance oriented

The minds of the Z-generation are generally focused on finances and welfare.

Due to the Global Economic Crisis of 2008-2012, and the pandemic that followed,

Generation Z adopted a pragmatic approach and prioritized creating a secure life in order not to suffer like their parents.

In turn, they are motivated to make smart investments, hold steady jobs, and spend conservatively.

Mental health is more important to Generation Z.

Gen Z knows what they want and strives for it regardless of whether they achieve it. Many in this generation, sometimes called the lonely generation, suffer psychological damage as a result of imitating social media lifestyles during their childhood and adolescence. Due to turbulent times in the world, a growing gap between rich and poor, and differantial practices, this generation presents a more vivid picture of emotional threats. Their awareness makes them slightly more fragile than previous generations, but their fighting abilities increase as well.

Generations with a greater sense of global awareness and social responsibility

Following the previous article, this generation appears more willing to take part in activist movements since they assume more responsibility for where the world is going. As compared with previous generations, Generation Z tends to speak out against minority rights, climate change, and economic injustices. They are not only willing to seek a solution together and to work together in this process, but also to participate in active activism movements.

What does Generation Z expect from employers?

The Z generation’s characteristics have been shaped as described above. Their expectations, however, which have become increasingly significant in the workforce, differ depending on their characteristics. A recent article by Great Place To Work, an organization dedicated to helping businesses become ‘world-class’ places for everyone, outlines these expectations. In its research, more than 32 thousand Generation Z employees were interviewed in 350 companies.

Embracing diversity

According to our understanding, 47% of the Z generation identify with languages, races, and orientations other than English,

Making them the most racially and ethnically diverse generation ever. In the workplace, Generation Z expects to see a representation of different identities without sacrificing merit. In order to retain the Z generation, companies can take the following steps:

● Finding the most qualified candidates by increasing the variety

● Promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion among employees and older generations

● Providing representation for a variety of identities in senior management and leadership roles

Better pay

The research shows that only 69% of generation Z, who prioritize their financial well-being and adopt a pragmatic approach, believe they work for a fair wage. Generation Z has grown up in economic difficulties and has experienced the pandemic, so they expect employers to pay them a higher wage.

A safe and healthy working environment

Generation Z is often referred to as “the most stressed generation”, facing challenges such as armed violence, climate change, political non stability, and racial reckoning. Compared to previous generations, Generation Z is 7 points ahead when it comes to psychologically and emotionally healthy workplace environments. It is not a good environment for them to work in if stakeholders harm each other mentallity and if there is fierce competition between them. According to this generation, employers should respect and care for employees’ emotional health.

The journey of finding meaning

In the Great Place to Work study, Gen Z scored 8 points lower on the quality of work than other generations.

They are more committed to the workplace when they are involved in building the future of the company they work for,

Which results in seven points less thought they make a difference there. They are interested in learning more about the company’s vision, contributing to the production of more value, and hearing more about the value produced. Utilizing technology is crucial for employers in collecting employee opinions and consulting with them on a regular basis.

Warmly welcome

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, this generation is just getting started in business, and a warm welcome can increase the efficiency of recruiting. It is possible to increase Generation Z’s enthusiasm by providing a welcoming environment, onboarding experience, and equipment support from the first day without wasting time.

Weoll meets the expectations of Generation Z

Weoll, a platform for internal communication and process management, is designed to meet the changing needs and expectations of the workforce. Weoll’s wizards enable easy customization of ready-made business processes based on business needs without coding knowledge.

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● Internal communication processes: Weoll’s internal communication solutions ensure interaction in the digital environment through blogs, internal social media, birthday celebrations, senior achievements, new recruits, and galleries. The Weoll platform makes it easier for all stakeholders to receive company announcements, reducing feedback times and streamlining communication.

● Information Management Processes: Business owners who want to give a warm welcome to the Z generation and reduce company compliance time can use

● Weoll’s file management tools and task management tools. This will make company documents accessible from a single point. The Weoll solution facilitates employee access to corporate documents that they are authorized to, from a common area, thereby speeding up feedback, work, and approval stages.

● Corporate Source Management Processes: The Weoll platform enables employees to share company resources, such as meeting rooms and cars, effectively on a single platform. In addition to raw material management, logistics, purchasing, digital paperwork, malfunction notification, and company resources, Weoll’s technologies help to increase transparency and visibility.

Weoll has developed features to support companies in sectors such as retail and digital, as well as those with complex holding structures. Here are examples of success stories of  businesses.

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