A study of the relationship between productivity and remote work

Remote working has become a new norm due to the global epidemic. Remote working applications can help employers reduce employee engagement and productivity concerns.

The global epidemic has forced several governments and companies to implement remote working, transforming the way they work. Many companies prefer to return to the office entirely, but some make remote working or a hybrid model permanent because they care about their employees’ well-being. There is no doubt that productivity and efficiency concerns have kept employers from taking action in this area. Several studies have shown that remote working is not a problem since it was implemented. Let’s take a look at the striking results of these studies:

● During the pandemic, 70% of remote workers found virtual meetings less stressful, while 64% preferred hybrid meetings.

● Studies show that working remotely is better than working in an office. On average, remote workers were 10 minutes less productive per day, worked one more day per week, and felt 47% more productive.

● Texas A&M University School of Public Health researchers found that employees who work remotely, especially in extraordinary situations, are more resilient and resilient as a result.

● According to ConnectSolutions research, 77% of those who work remotely do 30% more work in less time.

Benefits of remote work

Remote working has been criticized for reducing face-to-face communication, access to current information, and collaboration, negatively affecting corporate culture. Additionally, remote work has been criticized for isolating employees and increasing loneliness. We conclude that all these concerns can be solved by technology since we live in an age driven by technology.

Weoll creates space for companies to discover more efficient and productive working practices by creating internal communication and process management solutions that reflect the evolving working models adopted by the business world and the requirements of the technological era. Its platform enables companies to build strong, durable, and future-ready corporate cultures by streamlining internal information flows, document management, and post-hire HR processes.

Effects of remote work on productivity

It has been shown that remote working can be more productive than office work if the right digital solutions are used to connect all company teams during working hours, as well as make company resources available to everyone based on their authorization.

● Establishing a work-life balance: It eliminates problems such as working remotely, traveling to work, and suffering traffic jams, allowing employees to devote more time to their personal lives. Employees who find time to relax, enjoy their hobbies or spend time with their loved ones every day perform better at work and are more productive as a result.

● The possibility of more freedom: A typical office environment requires employees to spend 8-9 hours a day at work. During work hours, employees who don’t want to go out or can’t focus on work cannot go out because they need to be in the office. Even employees who finish their schedule for that day cannot leave before the shift ends. But responsible new generations want to create their own work schedules so that they can work more efficiently when and where needed. When employers trust their employees to prioritize their work, they can achieve higher productivity than when they focus on their most productive hours.

● A better employee experience: Shorter commute times and fewer inefficiently extended coffee breaks at work mean that employees have a better work experience when they can work freely, as long as they follow legal standards and work on schedules. This directly affects their happiness and well-being. It is equally important to take care of our employees’ well-being and experience in order to create happy customers.

Work from anywhere and be productive with technology

Employees feel a high level of commitment and well-being when they communicate and are constantly connected at work. Thus, remote working becomes a strength for companies despite all criticisms. It is imperative to use the right technologies to achieve this.

Providing employees with access to all company resources

Weoll’s Information Management Processes platform gives employees easy access to corporate documents they are authorized to access from a common area. A copy of every document produced on the system is sent to the appropriate group. Feedback that would normally take days to receive by email can now be received within minutes using Weoll’s platform.

A single channel for current announcements

In order to maintain communication between field personnel, production personnel, and remote workers, announcements and information flows must be regularly managed and delivered. Utilizing modules such as announcement management, bulletin boards, and posters, Weoll’s Internal Communication Processes Solution displays all company-related developments in one easy-to-access area. By doing so, information asymmetry and communication breakdown are eliminated.

The importance of receiving feedback in order to improve

Weoll offers a survey and opinion-sharing application called “I Have an Idea”, as part of our Internal Communication Processes solution. You can gain insight directly into employees’ work processes, happiness, concerns, and well-being by using the survey tool, which can be created from ready-made templates in feedback processes.

Communication between managers and employees

Celebrations preserve the integrity of an organization and bring people together beyond their colleagues. Weoll’s Internal Communication Processes include an application that accelerates the orientation and familiarization process for new employees, including birthdays, promotion achievements, sales records, awards, and upcoming assignments. As a result, even in remote working companies, everyone knows each other, listens to each other’s views, and shares successes and disappointments.

Weoll contributes to the digitalization of internal communication and process management in companies of different sizes, from small businesses to holdings in many sectors, especially in retail and production. It is our belief that a company culture based on respect, love, and company goals is the most effective way to prepare for future risks. It is our mission to provide businesses with adaptable and no-code templates that will meet their workforce needs in the future.

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